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Whether it is your primary or secondary home, you can always rely on Eliya to offer you the comfort and luxury of the grand hotels in your daily life. Your steward constantly strives to surpass expectations by knowing the clients well and anticipating their needs.

Our services are not merely a mediator. With your Private Hospitality subscription you get the satisfactory of a la carte home service; a dedicated steward, a staff and partners that are experts in their given fields. Our main focus is always on letting you enjoy the highest level of quality in your home.


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For the home

The Housekeeping Service offers a dedicated and tailor-made assistance to meet your needs. Your expected standards and requirements will be met by our excellent maids and stewards.

For Private Hospitality members, the housekeeping service is at your disposal from 2 hours to 14 hours a week. Our services can be provided ad hoc or on a regular basis. If our services are required exceeding the 14 hours, the Eliya Personnel de Maison service will be there at your convenience. Visit the Eliya Personnel de Maison mini web site for further information.

For kids

The dedicated personnel will enjoy giving your child special attention and supervision to suit their needs and meet your expectations. Our service is of the utmost professionalism – whether you need assistance at the end of kindergarden or accompaniment to extracurricular activities. Each child will benefit from the warmth and care our staff provides.

L'entreprise Eliya, (…), vous propose tout cela. Que cela soit pour une gouvernante, un majordome ou encore avoir le plaisir de déguster avec vos invités de succulents plats concoctés par un chef cuisinier à votre service le temps d'une soirée, c'est possible. (…)


Phone: 01 75 43 64 64


Laundry/Dry Cleaning

The Laundry Service gives special attention to your linen. Each piece is treated delicately.Wool or linen – your clothes are collected and returned to your home to your satisfaction within 48 hours or even on the same day. This service may be required both on a regular basis and on specific occasions.

Technical Service

If you need to repair a door, install a wall, hang a picture or optimize your video installation our technical service is at your disposal. Our versatile and skilled staff will perform both planned work and urgent repairs.

Decorative Florist

The Decorative Florist offers the final touch of refinement for your interior. Our florists provide their expertise and unique flower arrangements each week.


The secretary will assist you with the administrative aspects you require. With an absolute discretion our staff will manage your filing, processing, editorial work and what you command.

Cleaning Glass Surfaces

The Maintenance Service will clean all your glass surfaces – windows, glass, conservatories, etc. This service is available on request or for regular maintenance.


Phone: 01 75 43 64 64


Chef at home

Whatever the occasion you can always entrust the Eliya chef to offer you the finest cuisine. You may fancy the chefs latest culinary creation or simply your daily desire; for an intimate meal, between friends, or even a professional dinner. You can leave the kitchen preparations to us, and get the best experience all in the intimacy of your home.
We also offer a fine dining experience for your private events and cocktail buffets. Our team will organize everything from start to finish; the decorations, the table setting, the service – according to your preferences.


Phone: 01 75 43 64 64


Our customer service is available to help you at any given time.
Simply contact us by phone or e-mail, and we will recommend the best solution for the question at hand concerning your home.


Phone: 01 75 43 64 64


In joining the Eliyas Private Hospitality concept, you will find the management and maintenance of you home much easier than you could imagine.

Every Eliya employee and partner is committed to deliver you the highest quality of service, and your ultimate satisfaction is always our objective.

Whether it is our customer service who manages your administrative, the household team who takes care of your home or the care of your children, steward who is in charge of managing your household and privacy – our team of experts is carefully selected to meet your demands.

DOur policy is to offer a high quality service in a stress free manner. This means that the services have no fixed commitment, they are very flexible, highly responsive, and a monthly billing is provided.

As part of your Private Hospitality subscription you get unlimited access to our services and our staff, Monday to Friday from 9am to 19pm. To have 24/7 service you can subscribe for “emergency service”.

Hors abonnement

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Phone: 01 75 43 64 64

Customer Focused

Eliya is renowned for employing the best people and having the best network of partners to give our customers more than they expect.

Welfare & Comfort Corporate is our talented employees who take care of our customers and it is they who ultimately make the biggest difference for Eliya.

In order to maintain our level of quality on our services, the Eliya team and is constantly innovating.


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Since 2006 our team’s main goals have been to provide in your privacy the French art of service par excellence.

Combining luxury hospitality and a tailor-made private service, Eliya strives to meet your every demand and offers you a custom-made service.

It is in this context Eliya was born, and the training school EPM Paris provides a dedicated team at your service. We simply aim to offer you the highest level of quality in your daily life.


Phone: 01 75 43 64 64


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